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Welcome To My Candy Jar

All About CANDY!

We love CANDY! and know you do too… which is why we’ve got over 300 choices for you! From the endless selection of mouth watering Jelly Belly’s to an amazing assortment of gummies… we’ve got something for everyone!


Love chocolate? We’ve got the finest selection of imported bars from around the world! Looking to bring back memories of your childhood? Grab a bag and indulge in our classic nostalgic favorites! We can’t forget… it’s all about the kids! Where a kid can be a kid in a candy store, we’ve got all the children’s novelty candies their hearts can desire!


At My Candy Jar the Jar is always full because life is too short; grab something sweet, at Scripps Ranch’s newest and sweetest candy shop! 

Sonny J.

OMG finally good candy shop open in my neighborhood great candy and very nice place. Got the best English candy love it;) 

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Over 300 choices for you!

Let us help you sweeten up your next event!




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